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How Long Can Head Lice Live – Some Facts

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Head lice are wingless insects that are highly contagious among humans and they mostly transmit to school children. They are very tiny, about the size of a common sesame seed. They have six legs but the legs of male and female louse are a little different. These insects and their other species mostly infect warm blooded animal because they survive by sucking human or anime blood, mammals. It is a debate that how long can head lice live without sucking blood. Some says that they can live up to two days without feeding off blood and some says that they can’t survive for that long and die within 24 hours if they don’t suck any warm blood. Lice that host only humans or animals like chimpanzees cannot transmit to one person to another through jumping but they transmit through direct contact. It is also said that human lice cannot be infected to other animals like dogs or cats because they are different from other species.

The eggs or sometimes call nits of female head louse are about the size of a pin’s head and just like any other eggs they also holds only one baby. The sheath or shells of eggs are made up of sticky glue like substance that is pasted on the hair shaft through the reproductive organ of female louse. These eggs are closely attached to the scalp hair of humans. When the female paste the glue like substance on the egg around the hair shaft, it gets harden as soon as that substance is exposed outside. The eggs take about a week or ten days to hatch completely. The babies of head lice are called nymphs and these little lice leave their shells still intact with the hair. Sometimes this leads people in thinking that these eggs are just some mere white specks or dandruff.

The eggs of lice are totally nothing like mere dandruff. The shells of these eggs are quite sturdily affixed to the strands of hair and normal method of lice removing treatments like shampooing cannot remove those eggs. The only way to remove those eggs is through combining the certain treatment with nit combing or nitpicking tool. Since nit is a term use for eggs or nymphs, therefore, you have the term nitpicking for nit removing tools. It is true that not all eggs are fertile but if some eggs have the chances of containing potential embryos, then the cycle of lice infestation begins all again.

How Do You Catch Head Lice – Why Are They Contagious

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How do you catch head lice is a common question nowadays. People who have small children learning in school know pretty well about this question.

Pediculosis, often known as lice are some tiny insects about the length of a sesame seed. There most common species which can be found anywhere are head lice. They are usually brown in color due to the fact that they feed on human blood. With their six legs, they can crawl from place to place at an exceptional speed. There claws are quite sturdy and this is the reason that they can strongly hook themselves on human scalp. It is true that these bugs are very annoying and irritating but their presence on someone is not life threatening. Since they are not officially termed as disease, therefore their infestation is not tracked by any disease control department. Because of that reason it is also hard to estimate that exactly how many individuals are affected by lice problem annually. As these bugs usually target children to hook up, therefore, schools have calculated that nearly 20 million or less children are annually affected by lice.

So, how do you catch head lice? Since these irritating bugs are wingless and can’t hop, so the only way they can spread from one host to other is by direct contact. A person who is already infected by lice can cause lice infestation to other people and not only that but also his or her belongings also possibly carry those bugs. This infestation doesn’t indicate that the infected person had poor hygiene or surrounding that is why he caught that infestation. In fact, these vile insects most prefer places that are clean and tidy like clean hair.

Following are some symptoms that indicate that a person might have lice on him or her:

  • Itchy Scalp
  • Extreme Itching
  • Swelling
  • Itchiness around neck
  • Itchiness on or behind ears
  • Dark specks on scalp

However, there are lice infection cases where people didn’t show any signs of symptoms and yet they had head lice on them.

Keep in mind that this infestation is not actually life threatening to anyone. Still, if no precautions or treatments are immediately made then this problem may cause some serious damage. How? Well, if an individual has extreme itching problem due to head lice and continues to scuff the skin of scalp there is a high chance that that scratching may tear the skin. This damage to the skin may allow some bacteria to enter in your veins and result in some serious infection.

Does Hair Dye Kill Head Lice And Stop The Infestation?

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Getting rid of lice infestation is a completely difficult task and needs lots of patience. There are many anecdotal treatments which can be ranged using alcohol to vinegar. Does hair dye kill head lice is a common question that can be heard from lots of parents nowadays, since this infestation usually targets hosts which are mostly children. However, there are still no scientific proofs yet that supports that treatment.

What are these so called lice?
Basically lice are very tiny insects that target head and body hair of humans and chimpanzees. Such parasites feed warm blood and the female insect among them lays the eggs. These eggs, which are also known as nits, are hatched within the period of seven to eight days. It is true that head lice are tiny, but they can be spotted quite easily because they look like brown rice grains. Whereas, eggs look like white specks of dandruff, which is why sometimes they are hard to distinguish. These bugs cannot fly directly from one place to another because they are wingless but they can spread very rapidly due to their exceptional speed of crawling. Although they can be spread directly from person to person, they can also be spread from things like combs, couches, and beddings of the lice infested child. Extreme scratching, itchy scalp and inflamed spots on head, neck or ears are some revealing signs of lice symptoms.

There are many lice treatment products such as anti lice shampoos or lotions, which can be bought at local medical stores. After massaging your hair with the treatment, one should also comb the hair with close tooth comb to remove any eggs. It is because shampoos can no doubt kill adult lice or adolescent lice but eggs are tougher, this is the reason one must use comb.

Does hair dye kill lice?

Most people who have used hair dying treatment for stopping lice infestation have claimed varied results. Most of them have reported that the high level of pH presence, alcohol and some severe chemicals efficiently and cheaply eradicate lice. However, a proper lice remedy should be applied before hair dyeing. Hair dye can be applied immediately one day after treatment.

It is no doubt that this treatment can kill lice on your scalp; however, removing eggs is still necessary. Applying treatment for lice, then dyeing and then also doing another treatment for eggs may considerably damage hair.

One doing treatments for curing some disease one must also keep in mind all the advantages and disadvantages of the particular treatment.

Tea Tree Oil and Head Lice

Pediculus humanus capitis are commonly known as head lice. Yes they are called head lice because these species of lice only host the scalp hair of humans. This infestation is extremely common among small children and mostly 3 to 10 years old children carry this infection. The unfortunate fact about these insects is that they spread at an extremely unbelievable speed. Even a single person of your family can spread this infection in the whole family. Apart from head lice there are many other species of these insects that live and grow on the hair of animals, mammals particularly. All scientists agree to the fact that this troublesome infestation is an international epidemic among small children that is why it is very important to cure it as soon as possible. An effective way to cure lice infection is the use of tea tree oil.

Finding lice is not as hard as many parents think, on the contrary they are very easy to spot. Although these insects are very tiny and equal to the size of sesame seed, they are definitely not hard to identify. Unlike your regular mosquitoes, these bugs also feed the blood of humans and thus leaves red bumps all around your head. The irritation on the skin or itchiness is caused by the reaction of their saliva that they left after biting on the scalp skin. Not only that, such bite marks or swollen spots can be spotted on the ears and on the nape around the neck.

The most efficient and proven method to get rid of these bugs is to apply tea tree oil to your scalp. Although this oil is not something that is readily available in many households but it is a best non toxic home remedy for killing lice. It is also recommended to have this oil in your house all the time even if there is no infected person in your house since lice don’t bother knocking at your door to enter in your family. Tea tree oil and head lice can never stay under the same roof because this oil is a effective fungicide and very powerful against lice.

It is also recommended to use nit combs since eggs are the only things that are left on the hair shaft even after using any effective natural or alternative treatment.

Non Toxic Head Lice Treatment for Your Child

People are very fortunate to live in this era where many medical treatments have been developed to cure many age old diseases. But keep in mind that as treatments are getting better and better so as the diseases. Many diseases that have been around for ages have developed immunity to many treatments and one such disease is head lice. Although these irritating and unpleasant bugs have been present for many decades and developed immunity to many products, still specialist have found many new non toxic head lice treatments to completely eliminate such diseases.

Non toxic head lice treatments are reliable for removing these bugs effectively than other toxic products. Although many over the counter products are proved to be harmless, but still there is one toxic found in every such products like Lindane. This toxic mostly found in Kwell product and is known to be a little harmful to both children and adults. Most people don’t prefer alternative methods of treatments and this is the reason they mostly go for over the counter products. If you have decided to use those products, at least give non toxic head lice treatments a chance to prove its effects.

One of the most effective and very easy ways to treat these bugs naturally is to first warm up a towel through a dryer for half an hour. Then wrap that warmed towel on your head for couple of minutes. Through this method sufficient heat is transferred to your hair shaft and results in killing head lice and their eggs. However, eggs are not that easy to kill therefore, you must consider using another non toxic head lice treatment like use of olive oil. Thoroughly massage olive oil slowly on the scalp of lice infested person and leave the application for few minutes before you wash it out.

Once you have applied both the treatments and washed your hair in the end, it is time to move on to next step. Since eggs are very hard to come off of the scalp this is why you must use anti lice combs to remove them. These combs have close tooth that don’t allow any section of your head to be unchecked. To avoid tangling of your hair, first make two or three sections of your hair and then comb each one with full focus.

Keep applying these non toxic head lice treatments for couple of days to ensure full eradication of these bugs.

Lice Shampoo for Children – An Effective Treatment

There are many parasites that target living things as their host such as humans and animals. Among these parasites there is a most common one named as head lice, which usually host scalp hair of humans and suck blood from there. There are two types of lice that survive and grow using human blood. One is head lice that host scalp hair and other is body lice that host hairy parts other than scalp hair. Head lice are tiny and dark insects whereas body lice are white and a little bigger than the former lice. There is a treatment that kills these bugs and is appropriate for use of both children and adults.

There are many types of lice shampoo for children that are used to remove lice from infested hair. Every type of shampoo performs distinctly and has its own sets of instructions to follow. There are also some debates that many shampoos don’t help in the treatment of lice problem as these bugs have created some kind of resistance. Lice have been around among humans for ages and it means that they have also evolved with humans too. Since shampoos are not some new kind of invention or treatment and have been around for many years and that is the reason why lice have developed resistance from such products.

There are many products popping up in the market for the treatment of this infection and people are getting confused which to choose. The best way to opt for an effective lice shampoo for children is to review different websites and customer testimonials. Go to websites that sell products, select the product, scroll down and read the review. Many customers who have used that product give their reviews and rating that is why it is recommended to read those reviews before buying that particular lice shampoo for children.

As we said that there are dozens of shampoos readily available to get rid of these blood sucking bugs. To bring an effective result you must apply the shampoo for a couple of days, just to be on the safe side. Another thing to make sure is that you need consultation from a specialist first to use any product. You must never use any product without any prescription because everybody has their own skin sensitivity and only doctors are able to suggest proper product based on your skin sensitivity. Moreover, never allow in your family to use your lice shampoo for children.

How to Find Head Lice Infection on Your Hair

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This unpleasant and contemptible infection has been around and causing problems to many people for many years. Nowadays this problem has become so common that even every family has its own head lice story. At present, these dreadful bugs are still thriving and it is a harsh reality that your children may catch this infection sooner or later, given that if it is not properly cured. However, it is essential for everyone, especially parents, to know how to find head lice so as to avoid the contagion of this disease.

Be vigilant and cautious if you see any of your children scratching their head excessively and feeling itchiness all the time, because that might be happening due to the infection of these bugs. Once you notice the symptom of lice infection, you should immediately start a visual examination of your child’s head. You must look for the presence of these bugs and most importantly their eggs too. Although they are not hard to spot but if your child has dandruff problem than you might feel a little difficulty. How to find head lice are an easy task and since they feed on human blood through biting therefore, you can easily easy red bumps on your child’s head, ear or nape of neck.

The eggs of lice are very strongly glued to the hair shaft and this is the reason that they are very hard to remove. Sometimes eggs are even hard to locate if there is dandruff present on the hair of your child. Once the presence of the infection is resulted in positive, you must start eliminating them. This is usually performed through using lice shampoos that are especially prescribed by hair specialist. One thing you must note here that you should never use any product without the consult of a specialist. However, such treatments don’t guarantee that all the lice are eliminated. Therefore, to stop further infestation from happening you must use lice combs or tweezers. The lice treatment must be applied at least two to three times to ensure complete eradication of this furious infestation.

Once you have removed all the head lice from the head, collect them all in one place and stick them on a duck tape. Roll that tape and either burn it or throw it in a trash can. This infection doesn’t only spread from person to person contact but also from things like carpets, furniture and couches. So, make sure to vacuum those belongings of the infected person properly.

Head Lice in School – How to Treat Lice Infestation

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For many years head lice in school has been a big and irritating problem. The main problem about this infestation is that it is highly contagious and spreads in an incredible speed. Generally these bugs spread from direct contact only and can definitely turn into a massive problem, in case if it is not properly treated. The most effective method to prevent this problem from spreading is to avoid direct contact with someone who carries this infection, and also not even with his or her belongings such as clothes, couches, bed, combs, etc.

Head lice in school are really a big problem and it has been informed that it has spread its roots in schools all over the world. Because of the rapid spreading of these bugs, now every student of a school needs to be examined and immediately treated for lice infestation. There many schools that have this practice that when they learn any chances of outbreak of head lice in school they make medical checkup necessary in order to prevent the outbreak from happening. This practice is a very efficient and best one because it helps to avoid the spread of this vile infection from the start. When all the lice are caught before you gave a chance to them to lay eggs, then they are not a big problem and they can be eliminated using simple treatments. Cleaning head lice from the hair of an infected person doesn’t stop the spread of these insects, so in that case you have to clean all his or her belongings because there is a high chance that some head lice may have stuck to the belongings. So, wash all the clothes, bed sheets, couches and even grooming utensils in order to prevent another contagion.

Normally head lice in school spread quite rapidly than other places, when a single lice infected child comes in school. As it is a common fact that small children tend to play with each other very closely, therefore, the lice can crawl from one child to other and this way the chain goes on and on. Once this chain of lice contagion starts, then it doesn’t take too long to spread all over the school. Lice which are also called Pediculus in scientific terminology, usually lives close to the scalp of human from where they suck the blood to survive and produce more lice. This problem may cause a wide epidemic if it is left untreated.

Some Effective Head Lice Herbal Remedies

Head lice which are scientifically terms as Pediculus humanus are small bugs that are wingless and feed on scalp blood of humans. The infestation of these vile and infuriated bugs is mainly caused by their eggs. As these eggs are strongly attached to the hair shaft and quite hard to come off that is why most natural and third party treatments fail to show any efficient result. This infection can be spread even from a single infected person to the whole family. There lack of flying ability is covered by their fast crawling speed and this is the reason that this infection can only be spread from direct contact only. There are several number of head lice herbal remedies out there. Let us see some of them:

Using rosemary for head lice herbal remedies is an effective method and proved quite useful in killing these furious insects. However, raw rosemary application is not used in this treatment. The rosemary is first mixed with olive oil which is heated for about 20minutes and then it is left to cool down. Once the desired mixture is cooled and ready, massage the oil onto your scalp and leave it for all night. In the morning thoroughly wash your hair with a shampoo and you will see the result. Rosemary contains anti-inflammatory elements in it which is used to heal sores, itching and swelling. Because of its many advantages, this natural treatment is used together with other hair treatments. Another advantage of rosemary is that it stimulates the circulator process of follicles.

Head lice herbal remedies further include the use of Quassia. According to some specialists, this flower contains terpenoids, alkaloids and other effective materials that make it a powerful agent against head lice infestation. Quassia is commonly used to treat main digestive disease and worms. The chips of this flower in the form of a tea can be used to treat this vile infestation. Just massage the tea form of Quassia on your scalp, around your nape and ears, and leave it for a couple of hours. It is best to leave this mixture for one whole night and wash it out on the next day.

There are thousands of other effective and proven head lice herbal remedies available. You can either search it on the internet, which is a big place for finding solution for any problem, or you can refer some text books of hair specialists.

How Does Vinegar Kill Head Lice Efficiently

Head lice infestation is a disease that frights thousands of parents all over the world. The reason is because this disease is highly infectious, especially among small children around 4 to 11 years old. Getting rid of this infestation may prove quite difficult because the tiny size of eggs and their quantity. There are dozens of different products available to treat this problem; however, there are many parents who are apprehensive of such products and which is why they mostly opt for natural or organic cures. One of such cures is the use of vinegar, which is a very powerful organic treatment that kills these bugs and cleans your hair without causing any damage. Let us see how does vinegar kill head lice?

The use of vinegar comes all the way from our early ancestors to this modern era, even early Greek Hippocrates considered it to posses anti bacterial qualities and they also used it to ward off infections. Nowadays, because of its strong acetic acid, the use of this product apart from cooking has increased quite rapidly. Due to the substantial amount of acidity, vinegar is known to eliminate bacteria and not only that but also it has been observed and proved that vinegar is also effective in removing stains too.

The main problem of head lice infestation starts not from the head louse but its eggs. Using certain products one kill easily kill all head lice from the hair but what about its eggs. Eggs are the main problem because they are strongly affixed to the hair shaft of the scalp and not many products can remove those eggs. Here comes the role of vinegar. Because of the strong acidity of vinegar, the eggs that are glued at the hair shaft are easily loosed.

What are the instructions to use vinegar? Well, after washing your hair with conditioner or shampoo, rinse your hair with a cup of water and half tablespoon of vinegar. This process should kill the adult or adolescent head lice in your hair but not the eggs. Remove the eggs using either metal or plastic nit comb.

Nit comb is an essential thing that you must do no matter which type of treatment you use for your head lice infestation. Clean the comb in a cup of water, each time you comb the hair. Many parents kill lice eggs with their fingers, keep in mind that this method is really unhygienic that is why you must either use boil water or duck tape to remove the eggs from the comb.