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Tea Tree Oil and Head Lice

Pediculus humanus capitis are commonly known as head lice. Yes they are called head lice because these species of lice only host the scalp hair of humans. This infestation is extremely common among small children and mostly 3 to 10 years old children carry this infection. The unfortunate fact about these insects is that they spread at an extremely unbelievable speed. Even a single person of your family can spread this infection in the whole family. Apart from head lice there are many other species of these insects that live and grow on the hair of animals, mammals particularly. All scientists agree to the fact that this troublesome infestation is an international epidemic among small children that is why it is very important to cure it as soon as possible. An effective way to cure lice infection is the use of tea tree oil.

Finding lice is not as hard as many parents think, on the contrary they are very easy to spot. Although these insects are very tiny and equal to the size of sesame seed, they are definitely not hard to identify. Unlike your regular mosquitoes, these bugs also feed the blood of humans and thus leaves red bumps all around your head. The irritation on the skin or itchiness is caused by the reaction of their saliva that they left after biting on the scalp skin. Not only that, such bite marks or swollen spots can be spotted on the ears and on the nape around the neck.

The most efficient and proven method to get rid of these bugs is to apply tea tree oil to your scalp. Although this oil is not something that is readily available in many households but it is a best non toxic home remedy for killing lice. It is also recommended to have this oil in your house all the time even if there is no infected person in your house since lice don’t bother knocking at your door to enter in your family. Tea tree oil and head lice can never stay under the same roof because this oil is a effective fungicide and very powerful against lice.

It is also recommended to use nit combs since eggs are the only things that are left on the hair shaft even after using any effective natural or alternative treatment.

How Does Vinegar Kill Head Lice Efficiently

Head lice infestation is a disease that frights thousands of parents all over the world. The reason is because this disease is highly infectious, especially among small children around 4 to 11 years old. Getting rid of this infestation may prove quite difficult because the tiny size of eggs and their quantity. There are dozens of different products available to treat this problem; however, there are many parents who are apprehensive of such products and which is why they mostly opt for natural or organic cures. One of such cures is the use of vinegar, which is a very powerful organic treatment that kills these bugs and cleans your hair without causing any damage. Let us see how does vinegar kill head lice?

The use of vinegar comes all the way from our early ancestors to this modern era, even early Greek Hippocrates considered it to posses anti bacterial qualities and they also used it to ward off infections. Nowadays, because of its strong acetic acid, the use of this product apart from cooking has increased quite rapidly. Due to the substantial amount of acidity, vinegar is known to eliminate bacteria and not only that but also it has been observed and proved that vinegar is also effective in removing stains too.

The main problem of head lice infestation starts not from the head louse but its eggs. Using certain products one kill easily kill all head lice from the hair but what about its eggs. Eggs are the main problem because they are strongly affixed to the hair shaft of the scalp and not many products can remove those eggs. Here comes the role of vinegar. Because of the strong acidity of vinegar, the eggs that are glued at the hair shaft are easily loosed.

What are the instructions to use vinegar? Well, after washing your hair with conditioner or shampoo, rinse your hair with a cup of water and half tablespoon of vinegar. This process should kill the adult or adolescent head lice in your hair but not the eggs. Remove the eggs using either metal or plastic nit comb.

Nit comb is an essential thing that you must do no matter which type of treatment you use for your head lice infestation. Clean the comb in a cup of water, each time you comb the hair. Many parents kill lice eggs with their fingers, keep in mind that this method is really unhygienic that is why you must either use boil water or duck tape to remove the eggs from the comb.

Does Mayonnaise Kill Head Lice – What Are The Steps?

Those who have ever confronted head lice infestation problem must know how difficult it is to get rid of them. Many hair specialist suggest that this infestation must be treated using products such as Nix, but unfortunately many products only disappoint its users, because only repeated use can eradicate this infestation completely. The main problem with this manner of treatment is that it is not only costly to the person but also it contains some toxic elements too. This is the reason that many people who are troubled with this problem turn to natural remedies and one of such effective natural treatment is mayonnaise. Does mayonnaise kill head lice? The answer is definitely yes!

Here are some instructions on how to use this treatment properly and effectively, in order to get rid of this problem completely.

– First of all apply a substantial amount of mayonnaise to your head. Don’t hesitate to use it profusely, use it as must as your hair can hold. Keep in mind that the amount of it may vary depending on your hair’s thickness, so don’t use too much on short hair.

– Once you have properly applied the treatment on your hair, it is time to cover it using a shower cap. It is a salon plastic cap that people use while taking shower. If you notice that some mayonnaise is leaking from your cap, then use another cloth to wrap around your cap.

– Most specialists suggest that this treatment must be applied during night, but it is not a big deal if you have applied it at any other time of the day. Just make sure that you don’t leave it for more than two hours. There are some other specialists that recommend that head lice infected person must leave this application for no less than 12 hours.

– Now, undo the cloth that you wrap around the cap and take off your shower cap. Wash the mayonnaise application with a dish washing liquid to remove the greasy feeling from your hair. Now wash your hair again with and this time use tea tree oil soap.

– Comb your hair using a nit comb to remove all dead bugs from your hair together with their eggs.

– Keep in mind that only one time application is not going to do any good for you, so repeat the above step regularly for a couple of days to make completely sure that there is not a single head louse left crawling on your scalp.

Head Lice Treatment for Adults

Even though kids are more likely to get head lice, but adults are not safe from these blood sucking creatures either. As a matter of fact, some of the OTC (over the counter) products like shampoos, lotions, etc. should not be used on children. They are created mainly for head lice treatment for adults.

I have discussed with you before that kids are likely to get lice from other kids at school. So, how do adults get head lice? The answer is that they are likely to get lice from kids at home.

How Adults Get Infested?

If you have a child who has been infested, then the chances are that you might attract some lice too. If a few lice fall on your pillow, then you can very well imagine what will happen next. Yes, you will become their next host.

Another way you can get head lice are… through clothing. Let’s say you hang your shirt or coat either at work or someplace else. Someone else’s coat is there too and it’s touching your coat or shirt. If that coat has lice, then they will be transferred to yours. So, after you will put on your coat or shirt, you will get infested.

Here’s What Happens After You Get Infested:

These little blood sucking creatures will bite you and drink your blood ruthlessly at least 5 times a day. Therefore, it is crucial to go for head lice treatment for adults immediately.

Different Head Lice Treatments for Adults:

Now there are lots of head lice treatments for adults. So, you have nothing to worry about, because it doesn’t take long to kill these blood sucking creatures.

Let’s take a look at some treatments for adults:

Shampoos and Lotions:

There are a lot of shampoos and lotions available that can kill lice completely. Some adults don’t prefer insecticides, so they look for different types of head lice treatments like home remedies and so on, because they don’t want any chemicals in their hair.

One thing to note about insecticides is that they can kill head lice, but they are not effective for nits. So, after you use shampoo or lotion, you will have to use it again after 7 to 10 days because all the eggs will hatch in the meantime. This will allow you to kill and the nymphs. Why you buy any over the counter products or insecticides or even insecticide-free products, make sure that you read the directions thoroughly.

Silicone-based Products:

They are fairly new products. They actually cover and suffocate lice. They are used now for head lice treatment for adults. However, ensure that you discuss with your pharmacist first because some of the products have some side effects too. However, it doesn’t mean that everyone will get affected. Also, after you get one, then read the directions thoroughly and follow them exactly.

Wet Combing:

Wet combing is by far the safest head lice treatment for adults. You need to wet your hair first with some oil. Mostly people recommend olive oil. Before you use oil in your hair, make sure you are not allergic to it. Removing lice and nits with a lice comb doesn’t have any side effects, but it’s a long process. It gets tougher if you have long hair. Most people use this along with some insecticides. Make sure you comb everyday for fifteen minutes to half an hour for the next two weeks.

Home Remedies:

Just as silicone-based products, home remedies are also used to suffocate head lice. Some of the most common products are:

  • Mayonnaise
  • Olive Oil
  • Vaseline and
  • Cooking Oil

Apply one of these in your hair. Then cover your hair for at least 8 hours with a shower cap. It will suffocate and kill these unwanted blood sucking creatures. However, you must remember that ‘natural’ doesn’t always mean ‘safe’. So, discuss with your pharmacist first. You need to combine this head lice treatment with nit picking, because you will have to remove the nits manually. Thus, comb your hair every other day for the next two weeks to get rid of nits.

So…There are lots of head lice treatments for adults out there. You may choose any treatment that you feel comfortable with. There is no need to rush, because lice are not a health hazard. You can talk to your pharmacist first and decide which head lice treatment for adults you should go with.


Head Lice Treatment for Kids

Head lice are common in kids. They are rare in adults. Whether lice love kids more than adults, is not really important right now, what’s more important to know is that why in the world do kids get lice and what sort of head lice treatment is effective for them?

First thing first, if your kid has short hair, then it will be easier to get rid of lice. Head lice treatment becomes a little difficult in long hair.

Secondly, you must educate your kid that how lice can be prevented. After the treatment is done successfully, your child may get infested again. So, you must tell your kid what to do and what not to do (Don’t worry, I will share some techniques with you below).

There are some schools that don’t allow kids, in school, with nits. Thus, your kid may end up wasting some days because of some nits. This is why it’s best to go for head lice treatment for kids immediately.

Head Lice Prevention Techniques for Kids:

Now I am going to share some important points / techniques with you and you must share them with your kid. They prevent kids from getting attacked by lice.

Tell your kid not to share the following with friends:

    • Combs
    • Brushes
    • Head gears
    • Any clothing
    • Pillows and bed sheets

Also, educate your child not to touch their head with other kids’ head.

This is how head lice move from one host to another and these restrictions will help your kid walk around with a lice-free head.

If your kid doesn’t have any lice, then you must share these tips with your kid. If your kid has already been infested, then you must first start head lice treatment and then share these tips to prevent re-infestation.

Head Lice Treatment for kids:

Now let’s discuss how you can clean the head of your kid with proper head lice treatment.

There are several ways through which you can get rid of lice. Some of the most common head lice treatments are:

  • Head-Shaving
  • Wet Combing
  • Anti-Lice Shampoo
  • Home Remedies

Let’s talk about these lice treatments now:


This is probably the easiest way of getting rid of lice. In one go, you will kill them all. However, your kid might not be comfortable with this particular head lice treatment. But, don’t worry, there are other methods too.

Wet Combing:

Web combing is another way of getting rid of lice. Apply some oil, like olive oil or it’s best to ask your pharmacist, and then start combing with a lice-comb. This practice takes some time though. You will have to do it every day for around half an hour for the next two weeks.

Anti-Lice Shampoo:

There are several OTC over the counter shampoos available. What you need to do is wash and dry your kid’s hair first. Then apply the shampoo until the scalp and hair is completely wet. Leave it on for around 10 minutes and then wash it. You will have to do it again after 7 days because these shampoos don’t necessarily kill the nits. Nits hatch after 7 days. So, to kill the nymphs you must repeat the cycle after 7 days. It’s best to discuss with a pharmacist first to avoid any side effects. Do not use them on kids under 4.

Home Remedies:

Home remedies are used to suffocate head lice… and they are cheaper too. Some of the common home remedies for head lice treatment are:

  • Vaseline
  • Mayo
  • Olive Oil

You have to apply either one and keep it on for 8 hours. Keep your head covered too. This will suffocate and kill head lice. However, you must manually remove the nits via nit-comb. It’s best to ask a pharmacist before using anything, because they may have a side effect too. Do not use them on kids under 4.

So…These are some of the commonly used head lice treatments for kids. Do not use any insecticides or even non-insecticide products on kids for lice treatment before first consulting with your pharmacist.

I hope this article served you. And if you have applied this or any other technique to get rid of head lice, do share your story below.

Head Lice Treatment with Olive Oil

You can use Olive Oil to kill your enemy, i.e. head lice. It is considered to be the most effective home remedy. Olive Oil actually works as a smothering agent. It makes it really difficult for head lice to breathe. Since lice can’t breathe with olive oil in your hair, they die.

Lice have holes in their sides through which they breathe. So, after those holes are covered via olive oil, the lice are left with no choice but to die. The problem is that they are persistent. They are capable of shutting down their entire system for several hours. This is why it is suggested that you should put a shower cap on and keep the olive oil or any other home remedy like Vaseline in your hair for a minimum of eight hours.

One important thing that you need to know is that other home remedies like Vaseline, Mayonnaise, etc. also work as smothering agents. However, the problem is that they are harder to remove. You have to wash your hair every day for several days to get rid of mayo or Vaseline. Olive oil doesn’t take that long to remove from your hair.

Olive Oil has been lab tested for head lice treatment. It was found that Olive Oil is in fact effective in killing head lice. There may be, not necessarily, some allergic properties in Olive Oil. One great thing about this head lice treatment is that it’s cheap. Those who look for low-cost head lice treatment should consider using Olive Oil in their hair. By the way, food stamps can be used to buy Olive Oil as well.

Combing Is an Integral Part of Head Lice Treatment

Olive Oil is excellent for head lice treatment. However, it must not be used alone. You must combine nit picking with Olive Oil treatment. What happens is that after you suffocate the head lice and kill them all, you need to remove the dead bodies of head lice as well as their eggs, i.e. nits with a lice comb or nit comb.

You need to do this for several days to prevent re-infestation as well as clean the head completely. Try to do it daily. It may seem like a tiring and time-consuming process, but it is necessary. Getting rid of lice is not so easy. However, it’s not so difficult either. All you need to do is kill them and remove them.


So, head lice treatment with Olive Oil is effective. It’s cheap and allows you to kill head lice by suffocating them. One important point to note is that if you don’t manage to kill them in your first attempt, try again later after a couple of days. However, ensure that you continue the nit-picking on a daily basis.


Head Lice Treatment for Men

Even though it is rare in adults, especially men, to get head lice, but they are not completely safe from these blood sucking creatures either. So a lot of men, along with children and women do seek head lice treatment.

Men may get lice from children at home who have already been infested.

(Note: Since men don’t play by touching each other with head at work, the chances are very low that they might get lice at work. OK let’s get serious…)

There are other ways too through which men can attract head lice. See, there are coat hanging clips at work. Many men hang their coats there. There is not much space among those clips, so while your coat is hanging on the clips, other coats are there as well. Let’s suppose a friend of yours has already been infested. If his coat has some lice and after your coat touches it, they will come to yours. So, when you wear the coat, they will go straight to your head and start sucking your blood. (Sorry for being so blunt, but that’s exactly how it happens)

So, you need to do your best to avoid head lice infestation in the first place. However, if you have already been infested, then you shouldn’t be worried because you can get rid of them easily (well, maybe not so easily, but it’s not that difficult either).

There are several head lice treatments for men:

  • Insecticides
  • Pesticide-Free Products
  • Head Lice Comb
  • Home Remedies

Insecticides are used commonly and can be purchased easily. However, a lot of people feel uncomfortable due to the chemicals that insecticides contain. A lot of men fear that insecticides will cause allergic reactions, side effects or may even cause hair fall. Thus, they tend to avoid them. But, insecticides are commonly used too. It’s best to discuss with your pharmacist before getting one.

Pesticide Free Products are also available and used commonly. Those who don’t prefer to use insecticides like to go for such products. However, you must remember that ‘natural’ doesn’t mean ‘safe’. You should ask your pharmacist before starting the head lice treatment.

Head Lice Comb is an exceptional, powerful and proven way of head lice treatment for men. Since men have short hair, wet combing can do the magic in a matter of days only. Web combing must be done persistently every day for about 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, if you don’t see any improvement, then you must ask your pharmacist what product you should use to get rid of head lice.

Home Remedies are loved by those who don’t want any sort of chemical in their hair. Therefore, they look for natural ways for head lice treatment. Some of the products that people recommend are:

  • Vaseline,
  • Mayonnaise and
  • Cooking Oil.

You need to apply any of them to your hair and cover your hair with a shower cap. This practice will suffocate the head lice and kill them. If you apply Vaseline, then leave it on for at least 8 hours. Once done, use a nit comb to get rid of dead eggs or nits. Remember, this practice will make your hair messy too. It might take as long as one week to get Vaseline or Mayo out of your hair.

So, these are some common ways of head lice treatment for men.

Have you used any of the methods that I have mentioned above?

Which method do you prefer the most?

Head Lice Treatment for Boys

“Hey boy, you know girls get head lice more than boys? Plus, it’s easier for boys to get head lice treatment.” He said to his friend.

His friend replied, “Oh really! That’s awesome. So, I shouldn’t be worried about head lice then.”

He said, “I am not telling you this so you won’t care. I just wanted to share these facts with you.”

Well…Whoever these boys are, their conversation is good.

It’s a fact that girls tend to attract head lice more than boys due to their long hair. Since it’s not easy to treat long hair, it’s easier to treat boys with short hair.

  • However, prevention is better than cure. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care or take preventive measures to avoid these blood sucking creatures. Head lice may not be a health hazard, but they bite, suck your blood and make you itch.
  • So, it’s better to avoid them in the first place. But if you get them, then it’s best to go for head lice treatment for boys immediately.
  • The reason why head lice treatment for boys should be done immediately is that some schools and day-care centers follow this ‘No-Nit Policy’. Meaning, a boy with nits (lice eggs) can’t attend school until his head is clear.
  • So, if your son or little brother has been infested, then go for head lice treatment as soon as possible, because if his school has no-nit policy too, then he won’t be able to attend school and will end up wasting several days.

Educate the Boy

The first thing that you need to do is educate the boy that combs, brushes, caps and clothing must not be shared with friends, because this is a common way of attracting head lice. If a comb or cap has lice and if you use the comb or put on the cap then you will be infested too. Therefore, sharing such items is not a good idea and boys should avoid it.

Now there are several head lice treatments available for boys. They include:

  • Shampoos
  • Nit Comb or Head Lice Comb
  • Head Shaving


There are several over the counter shampoos available that you can use for head lice treatment for boys. However, you must be cautious and talk to your pharmacist first, because it’s not a good idea to use such products on little boys, especially under the age of 2. Such products may cause allergic reactions so don’t buy anything without first consulting with a doctor or pharmacist.

Nit Comb or Lice Comb

Manual removal is considered to be the best head lice treatment for boys. Wet combing is an effective way of getting rid of lice. Plus, there is no chance of allergic reactions or side effects. However, this procedure takes time. Comb the hair everyday for at least 2 weeks.

Head Shaving

Boys who go to school may not be comfortable with the idea of shaving the head. However, this is an excellent way of removing all the head lice and nits completely in one go.

Once the head is clean, tell the child to be careful and take preventive measures to avoid re-infestations.

I hope this article helped you. Feel free to share your comments or experiences with head lice treatment.

Head Lice Treatment with Vaseline

“You want me to put Vaseline all over my head? You got to be kidding me!”

“There’s no way I’m putting Vaseline all over my head”

Yes, you can use Vaseline for head lice treatment. No kidding. Only if you want to rid these bugs from your hair.

Using Vaseline is among the famous home remedies for killing head lice.

There are a lot of products out there that you can purchase for head lice treatment. Some products require you to present a prescription and some can be purchased over the counter.

The only problem with these products is that a large number of them contain pesticides. Now, they can kill lice and some of them are really good too, but they are toxic products.

So, you have to be very careful when you use such a treatment, because if you are not cautious, then it may cause side effects.

Let me share an amazing fact with you

Some head lice have become resistant to some of the commonly used pesticides used in treatment.

Therefore, you may even end up wasting your money.

So…These are some of the reasons why people turn to home remedies to kill head lice.

Remember, there is no scientific evidence that Vaseline is safe and will remove the head lice completely. It’s a home remedy and if you like, you can try it out.

There are several home remedies, but I want to talk to you about Vaseline today that how you can use it to get rid of head lice.

What does Vaseline do? When you use Vaseline in your hair, you make it tough for the head lice to breathe and, thus, they end up dying.

Here’s How You Can Use Vaseline to Get Rid of Head Lice

  • You need to cover the infested hair with Vaseline completely
  • You have to then put a shower cap on. Make sure you cover your hair completely
  • You must wear the cap overnight or for at least 8 hours. It will suffocate the head lice and they will die
  • After you take off the cap, use a nit comb to remove the lice and nits
  • Once done, you may go ahead and shampoo your hair. Remember, Vaseline will take a long time to come out. You may even have to shampoo your hair every day for about a week. Some people recommend using dish washing liquid to remove Vaseline from your hair.
  • After you shampoo your hair, use the nit comb to remove any remaining nits. You will have to do this every day, persistently, for the next two weeks.

So…This is a non-toxic and pesticide-free way of head lice treatment. If you have lice, why not try Vaseline to get rid of them? It may make your hair a bit messy for a week or two, but it will definitely leave your hair lice free.

Head Lice Treatment – Why Lice Comb is Effective

Head lice infestation is a problem that is commonly found in children. Adults are rarely affected by it, but they are not safe either. To deal with this problem, there are several solutions and one of the most famous solution is Lice Comb.

Yes, lice comb is excellent for head lice treatment. However, it’s a long term process and requires patience and persistence. You have to spare some time to go through the hair of your child and manually clean the head with a lice comb.

As you comb the hair with lice comb, you get to take out both lice and nits. Be sure to keep a paper towel with you to clean the lice comb from time to time or else you will end up dropping the nits in your child’s hair again.

Using a lice comb in dry hair won’t be effective. Lice can run quickly in dry hair. This is why wet combing is always suggested. Use some oil, after discussing with your pharmacist, in your child’s hair first and then start combing.

Why am I telling you all this? Why haven’t I told you the reason that why ‘Lice Comb’ is effective for head lice treatment?

Well, I just wanted to give you an overview of how it works. Now, you know that it is capable of helping you get rid of head lice and nits.

Now here comes the reason…

The reason why lice comb is effective for head lice treatment is that it is by far the safest method of removing lice and nits.

As I explained the procedure of using lice comb, did you notice the involvement of any chemicals or insecticides? No, you did not, because there isn’t any.

See, when you use the lice comb, you manually take out every louse and nit. Whereas when you use shampoos and other products, there is no guarantee that it will work. It might not work and it may even have a side-effect.

This is another reason why lice combs are effective, i.e. there is no side-effect.

So, let’s take a quick look at all the points that make lice combs effective:

  • They actually help you get rid of lice and nits unlike some products that don’t work
  • There are no chemicals involved and, thus, it is the safest way of removing head lice
  • There is no side-effect

So, there is not just one reason, but a whole bunch of reasons.

Speaking of the effectiveness and benefits of lice comb let me share another important thing with you.

Children and pregnant women should not use over the counter products for head lice treatment, because of side-effects. They should be treated with lice comb.

If you wanted to buy a lice comb, but wondered if it would be a good thing to buy for head lice treatment, then I say you should definitely buy one.

Lice comb is extremely effective for head lice treatment and now you know that as well.

I think I should stop now. I have shared lots of reasons instead of just one that why lice comb is effective for head lice treatment.

See you next time with another topic.