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How to Effectively Use an Electronic Head Lice Comb

Electronic head lice comb is a very useful tool when it comes to eliminating these bugs out of your hair. It is a definite fact that these blood sucking bugs are quite unpleasant and also embarrassing not only for the infected person but for the whole family as well. Nonetheless because of the modern technology together with the invention of electronic head lice comb, eradicating lice and their eggs have become quite easy now. Generally this effective item is made up of metal material and only needs a single battery to keep working. It was first brought into existence commercially in the 90’s.

This comb is named electronic comb not only because it runs on a battery but it literally electrocutes these parasites via a small but effective current. Since the teeth of electronic head lice comb are metallic in nature, therefore the flow of current is quite smooth. You don’t have to worry at all regarding how to use this new gadget because it is used in exactly the same way as you use any other comb. The main benefit of electronic head lice comb is that it produces a high pitched sound once it encounters any louse on your head. Once the target is detected, the gadget then sends tiny spikes that draw these bugs in and then kill them.

In contrast to metallic and plastic combs, these new gadgets are required to be used on dry hair so that they can operate properly. However, just like other everyday combs, your hair without doubt will tangle when you use this new gadget. Therefore, it is highly recommended to make section into your hair and then use the electronic head lice comb in order to prevent tangling, specifically those people who have thick or curly hair.

However, electronic head lice comb is definitely the most effective gadget or cure to kill head lice completely, but these gadgets are still not the perfect treatment. It is because this gadget may successfully kill the bugs on your hair but not the eggs that are attached deep in your hair shaft. These eggs must be eliminated through other means before they hatch, which normally takes a week or two. Electronic head lice should be your first method of treatment in regards to killing lice but use other treatments to kill the nits of these bugs.

There are dozens of treatments out there but make sure you consult with your doctor first before you even apply any treatment.

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