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Vinegar – Considered Best Among All Head Lice Products

Before we being our topic on head lice products, let us first take a look into some important head lice information. People who are already gone through this terrible head lice suffering must know that how this problem is quite common in our general population. These insects are very tiny and wingless, although they can be seen from naked eyes. They live on human scalp and solely survive on feeding off human blood. They mostly victimized small children. The adult female louse lays around 50 to 150 eggs and attaches them to the hair shaft using a powerful sticky substance that doesn’t come off easily.

As we know that lice usually make children their victims and since parents are parents, they get frightened quite easily. This is the reason most of them decide to use over the counter anti head lice products for treatment. However, there are many parents who don’t prefer that method and opt for natural remedies. Like use of mayonnaise and vinegar, which are considered as the most effective and common remedies that are still used for many generations. Still there are some people who you can say critics who say that these natural head lice products are not effective enough to eliminate this infestation.

Before you apply any desired treatment, first make sure that itching is really caused by lice and it is not because of any other reason. Check your child head closely to spot the presence of any head louse and if there are any, you will see them immediately. However, it is a little difficult to distinguish between head lice eggs and dandruff since they both look like white flakes. Another symptom of these vile bugs is the presence of red bumps.

Let’s come back to vinegar treatment. Vinegar is considered as one of the best product among many other head lice products. As this natural remedy contains a small percent of acetic acid, it can easily kill dozens of these bugs in an instant. Moreover, the smell that arouse from vinegar is also said to be sufficient to eradicate a whole lot of lice from the infect individual’s hair. Why it is so effective that many people prefer it? Well, it is because of the reason that it can do what most other products fail to do, that is; it can help eradicating eggs too. Eggs are considered as the main problem of this infestation and many head lice products fail to kill eggs even though they can successfully kill the adult lice.

There are many other head lice products but it is important to consult a specialist to use any treatment because treatments differ from person to person.

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