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Some Effective Head Lice Herbal Remedies

Head lice which are scientifically terms as Pediculus humanus are small bugs that are wingless and feed on scalp blood of humans. The infestation of these vile and infuriated bugs is mainly caused by their eggs. As these eggs are strongly attached to the hair shaft and quite hard to come off that is why most natural and third party treatments fail to show any efficient result. This infection can be spread even from a single infected person to the whole family. There lack of flying ability is covered by their fast crawling speed and this is the reason that this infection can only be spread from direct contact only. There are several number of head lice herbal remedies out there. Let us see some of them:

Using rosemary for head lice herbal remedies is an effective method and proved quite useful in killing these furious insects. However, raw rosemary application is not used in this treatment. The rosemary is first mixed with olive oil which is heated for about 20minutes and then it is left to cool down. Once the desired mixture is cooled and ready, massage the oil onto your scalp and leave it for all night. In the morning thoroughly wash your hair with a shampoo and you will see the result. Rosemary contains anti-inflammatory elements in it which is used to heal sores, itching and swelling. Because of its many advantages, this natural treatment is used together with other hair treatments. Another advantage of rosemary is that it stimulates the circulator process of follicles.

Head lice herbal remedies further include the use of Quassia. According to some specialists, this flower contains terpenoids, alkaloids and other effective materials that make it a powerful agent against head lice infestation. Quassia is commonly used to treat main digestive disease and worms. The chips of this flower in the form of a tea can be used to treat this vile infestation. Just massage the tea form of Quassia on your scalp, around your nape and ears, and leave it for a couple of hours. It is best to leave this mixture for one whole night and wash it out on the next day.

There are thousands of other effective and proven head lice herbal remedies available. You can either search it on the internet, which is a big place for finding solution for any problem, or you can refer some text books of hair specialists.

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