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Non Toxic Head Lice Treatment for Your Child

People are very fortunate to live in this era where many medical treatments have been developed to cure many age old diseases. But keep in mind that as treatments are getting better and better so as the diseases. Many diseases that have been around for ages have developed immunity to many treatments and one such disease is head lice. Although these irritating and unpleasant bugs have been present for many decades and developed immunity to many products, still specialist have found many new non toxic head lice treatments to completely eliminate such diseases.

Non toxic head lice treatments are reliable for removing these bugs effectively than other toxic products. Although many over the counter products are proved to be harmless, but still there is one toxic found in every such products like Lindane. This toxic mostly found in Kwell product and is known to be a little harmful to both children and adults. Most people don’t prefer alternative methods of treatments and this is the reason they mostly go for over the counter products. If you have decided to use those products, at least give non toxic head lice treatments a chance to prove its effects.

One of the most effective and very easy ways to treat these bugs naturally is to first warm up a towel through a dryer for half an hour. Then wrap that warmed towel on your head for couple of minutes. Through this method sufficient heat is transferred to your hair shaft and results in killing head lice and their eggs. However, eggs are not that easy to kill therefore, you must consider using another non toxic head lice treatment like use of olive oil. Thoroughly massage olive oil slowly on the scalp of lice infested person and leave the application for few minutes before you wash it out.

Once you have applied both the treatments and washed your hair in the end, it is time to move on to next step. Since eggs are very hard to come off of the scalp this is why you must use anti lice combs to remove them. These combs have close tooth that don’t allow any section of your head to be unchecked. To avoid tangling of your hair, first make two or three sections of your hair and then comb each one with full focus.

Keep applying these non toxic head lice treatments for couple of days to ensure full eradication of these bugs.

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