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8 Things You Can Do After Head Lice Treatment

So, you had head lice in your hair and you got rid of them through proper head lice treatment. You either used insecticides, non-insecticide products or wet combing.

Well, whatever you did, what’s more important is that you managed to get rid of them.

Now what?

What should you do after you complete your head lice treatment?

Well, you need to check your hair and do your best to prevent them from attacking your head again. Here are 8 things to consider:

  1. After you are done with head lice treatment, do a follow-up check after a few days with a nit comb to see if these unwanted guests are completely gone or not.
  2. You might come across some eggs too, but don’t worry, it’s not an indication of failed head lice treatment. They might be dead or empty eggs.
  3. If you manage to see a louse running around, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the head lice treatment was useless, it’s just that they managed to come back again.
  4. If you don’t see any louse, but see some empty eggs, then you will have to remove them manually with a nit comb. It’s a lengthy and boring process, unfortunately you have no choice.
  5. You need to repeat this cycle every few days.
  6. Also, remember to inspect the hair of other family members too. If someone else has been infested, then you need to take preventive measures to stop them from spreading. For example, you must stop sharing the same clothing, pillows, towel, caps, combs, brushes, etc.
  7. At times, head lice treatments fail too. You do your best to get rid of head lice by using the best shampoos, but you simply can’t succeed. The reason is that head lice can become resistant to some insecticides. If that happens, then you will have to use a different insecticide, non-insecticide product or simply go for wet combing.
  8. If your child goes to school, then the chances are that he or she will be re-infested again. Therefore, ensure that you check their hair from time to time and get rid of head lice and nits whenever you find them.

A word of caution: Do not use any insecticides or even non-insecticide products on pregnant women or children. Some products even claim to be ‘natural’, but they can still be dangerous for pregnant woman and children. Web Combing is the ultimate solution in this case.

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