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Head Lice Treatment for Men

Even though it is rare in adults, especially men, to get head lice, but they are not completely safe from these blood sucking creatures either. So a lot of men, along with children and women do seek head lice treatment.

Men may get lice from children at home who have already been infested.

(Note: Since men don’t play by touching each other with head at work, the chances are very low that they might get lice at work. OK let’s get serious…)

There are other ways too through which men can attract head lice. See, there are coat hanging clips at work. Many men hang their coats there. There is not much space among those clips, so while your coat is hanging on the clips, other coats are there as well. Let’s suppose a friend of yours has already been infested. If his coat has some lice and after your coat touches it, they will come to yours. So, when you wear the coat, they will go straight to your head and start sucking your blood. (Sorry for being so blunt, but that’s exactly how it happens)

So, you need to do your best to avoid head lice infestation in the first place. However, if you have already been infested, then you shouldn’t be worried because you can get rid of them easily (well, maybe not so easily, but it’s not that difficult either).

There are several head lice treatments for men:

  • Insecticides
  • Pesticide-Free Products
  • Head Lice Comb
  • Home Remedies

Insecticides are used commonly and can be purchased easily. However, a lot of people feel uncomfortable due to the chemicals that insecticides contain. A lot of men fear that insecticides will cause allergic reactions, side effects or may even cause hair fall. Thus, they tend to avoid them. But, insecticides are commonly used too. It’s best to discuss with your pharmacist before getting one.

Pesticide Free Products are also available and used commonly. Those who don’t prefer to use insecticides like to go for such products. However, you must remember that ‘natural’ doesn’t mean ‘safe’. You should ask your pharmacist before starting the head lice treatment.

Head Lice Comb is an exceptional, powerful and proven way of head lice treatment for men. Since men have short hair, wet combing can do the magic in a matter of days only. Web combing must be done persistently every day for about 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, if you don’t see any improvement, then you must ask your pharmacist what product you should use to get rid of head lice.

Home Remedies are loved by those who don’t want any sort of chemical in their hair. Therefore, they look for natural ways for head lice treatment. Some of the products that people recommend are:

  • Vaseline,
  • Mayonnaise and
  • Cooking Oil.

You need to apply any of them to your hair and cover your hair with a shower cap. This practice will suffocate the head lice and kill them. If you apply Vaseline, then leave it on for at least 8 hours. Once done, use a nit comb to get rid of dead eggs or nits. Remember, this practice will make your hair messy too. It might take as long as one week to get Vaseline or Mayo out of your hair.

So, these are some common ways of head lice treatment for men.

Have you used any of the methods that I have mentioned above?

Which method do you prefer the most?

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