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Head Lice Treatment for Pregnant Women

Lets be honest, no one likes head lice, there is no argument about it, unless (for any odd reason) you fancy creepy bugs :)

People tend to go for head lice treatment as soon as they find out that they have head lice and nits.

However, it’s not so easy for pregnant women to get head lice treatment, because chemicals present in lice busters might be harmful or even cause allergic reactions. This is why pregnant women have to be very careful when it comes to head lice treatment.

I know lice are irritating, but they won’t harm your baby. It’s the wrong head lice treatment that may actually be harmful for the baby. While you are pregnant, be highly cautious on any sort of treatment (not just head lice). Always consult your doctor first.

Precautions While Treating Lice When You Are Pregnant

  1. DO NOT EVER USE any toxic head lice treatments that may contain pesticides. Once your skin absorbs those chemicals, you might suffer from allergic reactions.
  2. Even turning to some natural treatments is not advisable. They might be ok when you are not pregnant. However, when you are pregnant, you have to be extremely cautious in terms of what you use.
  3. If you really want to get rid of head lice while you are pregnant, you must consult your doctor before using anything!

Manual Picking & Removal of Lice

Manual removal of head lice is the best type of head lice treatment for pregnant women. Wet combing is ideal in such a situation. There is no side effect or allergic reaction when you use a nit comb to remove head lice and nits.

When I say wet combing, does it mean that you can apply any kind of oil in your hair? No, I didn’t mean that. You must ask your doctor or pharmacist about the oil that you should use during pregnancy. A quick visit to your doctor or pharmacist is much better than doing something haphazardly.

The bottom line is; do not take any risks when you are pregnant. It’s simply not worth it. Always use a nit comb and consult with your doctor or pharmacist to find out what sort of oil will be suitable for you and your baby.

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