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How Does Vinegar Kill Head Lice Efficiently

Head lice infestation is a disease that frights thousands of parents all over the world. The reason is because this disease is highly infectious, especially among small children around 4 to 11 years old. Getting rid of this infestation may prove quite difficult because the tiny size of eggs and their quantity. There are dozens of different products available to treat this problem; however, there are many parents who are apprehensive of such products and which is why they mostly opt for natural or organic cures. One of such cures is the use of vinegar, which is a very powerful organic treatment that kills these bugs and cleans your hair without causing any damage. Let us see how does vinegar kill head lice?

The use of vinegar comes all the way from our early ancestors to this modern era, even early Greek Hippocrates considered it to posses anti bacterial qualities and they also used it to ward off infections. Nowadays, because of its strong acetic acid, the use of this product apart from cooking has increased quite rapidly. Due to the substantial amount of acidity, vinegar is known to eliminate bacteria and not only that but also it has been observed and proved that vinegar is also effective in removing stains too.

The main problem of head lice infestation starts not from the head louse but its eggs. Using certain products one kill easily kill all head lice from the hair but what about its eggs. Eggs are the main problem because they are strongly affixed to the hair shaft of the scalp and not many products can remove those eggs. Here comes the role of vinegar. Because of the strong acidity of vinegar, the eggs that are glued at the hair shaft are easily loosed.

What are the instructions to use vinegar? Well, after washing your hair with conditioner or shampoo, rinse your hair with a cup of water and half tablespoon of vinegar. This process should kill the adult or adolescent head lice in your hair but not the eggs. Remove the eggs using either metal or plastic nit comb.

Nit comb is an essential thing that you must do no matter which type of treatment you use for your head lice infestation. Clean the comb in a cup of water, each time you comb the hair. Many parents kill lice eggs with their fingers, keep in mind that this method is really unhygienic that is why you must either use boil water or duck tape to remove the eggs from the comb.

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