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Tea Tree Oil and Head Lice

Pediculus humanus capitis are commonly known as head lice. Yes they are called head lice because these species of lice only host the scalp hair of humans. This infestation is extremely common among small children and mostly 3 to 10 years old children carry this infection. The unfortunate fact about these insects is that they spread at an extremely unbelievable speed. Even a single person of your family can spread this infection in the whole family. Apart from head lice there are many other species of these insects that live and grow on the hair of animals, mammals particularly. All scientists agree to the fact that this troublesome infestation is an international epidemic among small children that is why it is very important to cure it as soon as possible. An effective way to cure lice infection is the use of tea tree oil.

Finding lice is not as hard as many parents think, on the contrary they are very easy to spot. Although these insects are very tiny and equal to the size of sesame seed, they are definitely not hard to identify. Unlike your regular mosquitoes, these bugs also feed the blood of humans and thus leaves red bumps all around your head. The irritation on the skin or itchiness is caused by the reaction of their saliva that they left after biting on the scalp skin. Not only that, such bite marks or swollen spots can be spotted on the ears and on the nape around the neck.

The most efficient and proven method to get rid of these bugs is to apply tea tree oil to your scalp. Although this oil is not something that is readily available in many households but it is a best non toxic home remedy for killing lice. It is also recommended to have this oil in your house all the time even if there is no infected person in your house since lice don’t bother knocking at your door to enter in your family. Tea tree oil and head lice can never stay under the same roof because this oil is a effective fungicide and very powerful against lice.

It is also recommended to use nit combs since eggs are the only things that are left on the hair shaft even after using any effective natural or alternative treatment.

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