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Identifying General Symptoms of Head Lice

The season for head lice has begun again since the summer is over and students are back to schools and colleges. The premises of school is a hot spot for these kinds of bugs infestation and it is very important to know the common symptoms of head lice to realize what to avoid and who to avoid.

It is observed that one of every four school’s students catch this infestation. According to a survey conducted by nitwits, it has been highlighted that more than half of the total percentage of head lice cases are started from schools.

Keep in mind that even though the symptoms of head lice are not a dangerous thing or an indication of poor hygiene but you should always prevent yourself from it. It is because these bugs are highly infectious and proved quite troublesome for children especially girls with long hairs. Although these bugs don’t have any wings but they have the ability to crawl really fast. If they anyhow get hold of your hair, they will rush up to the hair shaft of your scalp. Head lice are extremely contagious because of the female louse. One female can lay fifty to one hundred and fifty eggs that are hatched in seven to eight days, giving birth to new lice.

It has also acknowledged that not every infestation of these bugs shows the symptoms of head lice at all. Moreover, thirty to forty percent of infected people actually show the signs of itching. This is the reason that you must always be cautious of potential bug infestation.

The irritation on the scalp of human head is caused when the head louse bite. One can sense the bites even if it is caused by nymphs, which are adolescent head lice. You can also see little blood spots or swollen areas where these bugs bite for blood and in many severe events one can also feel fairly prickly rash. The degree of itchiness can range from normal to severe that may depend on the sensitive skin of that infected person or the severity of infestation.

To prevent this infestation from victimizing you or your children, you should regularly examine the hair of your children for checking the symptoms of head lice. If you see even one head louse, try to use anti lice products such as conditioners, shampoos or lotions to prevent it from further infestation. You can also use close tooth combs to rinse those bugs out from the hair.

Again, knowing the symptoms of head lice is very essential even though you don’t have any infestation cases before in your family.

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