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Can Head Lice Live on Yoga Mats?

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Can head lice live on yoga mats? The ideal place for a louse is human scalp. They can’t live anywhere else for long.

They require a certain temperature to survive… and they find this temperature only on human head. They feed 4 – 5 times a day, and since they feed on your blood, they have to live in your hair to survive.

However, they can still survive for 1 or maximum 2 days if they fall. So, we can say that they can live on yoga mats for not more than 2 days because they can’t get the required temperature and they can’t get their food, i.e. human blood. Thus, they can’t survive for long.

Now…Let me share an important point with you. If you are lying on a yoga mat that has some live head lice, then the chances are that they will crawl to your hair… and you will get infested.

But…If no one else uses your yoga mat, then you should be safe. If you think that your yoga mat may have some head lice, then it’s best to vacuum it. This will help you remove any live head lice from your yoga mat.

Have you checked your yoga mat lately?

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