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How Do I Know I Have Lice?

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Whether lice prefer the blood of kids more than adults is not important right now, what’s important is that these little blood suckers are mostly found on kids between 4 and 13.

Lice have no wings. They have six legs and they are either grey or brown. At times, they look black too, but that’s not their original color.

So, when you see your child scratching his or her head, then you should be prepared to roll up your sleeves and examine the hair thoroughly to determine if there are any lice or not.

If your child has long hair, then it won’t be easy to see any louse or nits. You will have to look close to the scalp because this is where they all will be. If you see little white stuff attached to hair shaft and close to scalp, then try to remove it. If you can remove it easily, then it’s either dirt or dandruff. But, if it’s firmly attached, then it’s a nit (lice egg).

Itching is not a sign of infestation actually. You can only find out if a person has been infested on not by checking their hair.

You can also use a lice comb or nit comb to see if there are any lice or not. It will take some time, a few days or a couple of weeks, to remove them all, but you will at least find out if there are any lice and nits or not.

So, don’t guess, roll up your sleeves and actually look for them.

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