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How Do You Catch Head Lice – Why Are They Contagious

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How do you catch head lice is a common question nowadays. People who have small children learning in school know pretty well about this question.

Pediculosis, often known as lice are some tiny insects about the length of a sesame seed. There most common species which can be found anywhere are head lice. They are usually brown in color due to the fact that they feed on human blood. With their six legs, they can crawl from place to place at an exceptional speed. There claws are quite sturdy and this is the reason that they can strongly hook themselves on human scalp. It is true that these bugs are very annoying and irritating but their presence on someone is not life threatening. Since they are not officially termed as disease, therefore their infestation is not tracked by any disease control department. Because of that reason it is also hard to estimate that exactly how many individuals are affected by lice problem annually. As these bugs usually target children to hook up, therefore, schools have calculated that nearly 20 million or less children are annually affected by lice.

So, how do you catch head lice? Since these irritating bugs are wingless and can’t hop, so the only way they can spread from one host to other is by direct contact. A person who is already infected by lice can cause lice infestation to other people and not only that but also his or her belongings also possibly carry those bugs. This infestation doesn’t indicate that the infected person had poor hygiene or surrounding that is why he caught that infestation. In fact, these vile insects most prefer places that are clean and tidy like clean hair.

Following are some symptoms that indicate that a person might have lice on him or her:

  • Itchy Scalp
  • Extreme Itching
  • Swelling
  • Itchiness around neck
  • Itchiness on or behind ears
  • Dark specks on scalp

However, there are lice infection cases where people didn’t show any signs of symptoms and yet they had head lice on them.

Keep in mind that this infestation is not actually life threatening to anyone. Still, if no precautions or treatments are immediately made then this problem may cause some serious damage. How? Well, if an individual has extreme itching problem due to head lice and continues to scuff the skin of scalp there is a high chance that that scratching may tear the skin. This damage to the skin may allow some bacteria to enter in your veins and result in some serious infection.

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