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How Long Can Head Lice Live – Some Facts

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Head lice are wingless insects that are highly contagious among humans and they mostly transmit to school children. They are very tiny, about the size of a common sesame seed. They have six legs but the legs of male and female louse are a little different. These insects and their other species mostly infect warm blooded animal because they survive by sucking human or anime blood, mammals. It is a debate that how long can head lice live without sucking blood. Some says that they can live up to two days without feeding off blood and some says that they can’t survive for that long and die within 24 hours if they don’t suck any warm blood. Lice that host only humans or animals like chimpanzees cannot transmit to one person to another through jumping but they transmit through direct contact. It is also said that human lice cannot be infected to other animals like dogs or cats because they are different from other species.

The eggs or sometimes call nits of female head louse are about the size of a pin’s head and just like any other eggs they also holds only one baby. The sheath or shells of eggs are made up of sticky glue like substance that is pasted on the hair shaft through the reproductive organ of female louse. These eggs are closely attached to the scalp hair of humans. When the female paste the glue like substance on the egg around the hair shaft, it gets harden as soon as that substance is exposed outside. The eggs take about a week or ten days to hatch completely. The babies of head lice are called nymphs and these little lice leave their shells still intact with the hair. Sometimes this leads people in thinking that these eggs are just some mere white specks or dandruff.

The eggs of lice are totally nothing like mere dandruff. The shells of these eggs are quite sturdily affixed to the strands of hair and normal method of lice removing treatments like shampooing cannot remove those eggs. The only way to remove those eggs is through combining the certain treatment with nit combing or nitpicking tool. Since nit is a term use for eggs or nymphs, therefore, you have the term nitpicking for nit removing tools. It is true that not all eggs are fertile but if some eggs have the chances of containing potential embryos, then the cycle of lice infestation begins all again.

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