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How to Find Head Lice Infection on Your Hair

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This unpleasant and contemptible infection has been around and causing problems to many people for many years. Nowadays this problem has become so common that even every family has its own head lice story. At present, these dreadful bugs are still thriving and it is a harsh reality that your children may catch this infection sooner or later, given that if it is not properly cured. However, it is essential for everyone, especially parents, to know how to find head lice so as to avoid the contagion of this disease.

Be vigilant and cautious if you see any of your children scratching their head excessively and feeling itchiness all the time, because that might be happening due to the infection of these bugs. Once you notice the symptom of lice infection, you should immediately start a visual examination of your child’s head. You must look for the presence of these bugs and most importantly their eggs too. Although they are not hard to spot but if your child has dandruff problem than you might feel a little difficulty. How to find head lice are an easy task and since they feed on human blood through biting therefore, you can easily easy red bumps on your child’s head, ear or nape of neck.

The eggs of lice are very strongly glued to the hair shaft and this is the reason that they are very hard to remove. Sometimes eggs are even hard to locate if there is dandruff present on the hair of your child. Once the presence of the infection is resulted in positive, you must start eliminating them. This is usually performed through using lice shampoos that are especially prescribed by hair specialist. One thing you must note here that you should never use any product without the consult of a specialist. However, such treatments don’t guarantee that all the lice are eliminated. Therefore, to stop further infestation from happening you must use lice combs or tweezers. The lice treatment must be applied at least two to three times to ensure complete eradication of this furious infestation.

Once you have removed all the head lice from the head, collect them all in one place and stick them on a duck tape. Roll that tape and either burn it or throw it in a trash can. This infection doesn’t only spread from person to person contact but also from things like carpets, furniture and couches. So, make sure to vacuum those belongings of the infected person properly.

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