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Signs of Head Lice – How to Identify Your Child Carries Them

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Realizing early signs of head lice is quite necessary for every person, especially parents. Head louse also known as Pediculus capitis, is basically a tiny bug that roams freely on human scalp and feed their blood. Normally, this type of problem may happen to anyone irrespective of age and race. These bugs are mostly found on humans, therefore, if anyone says that these bugs are transmit from dogs and cats or other pets, then he/she is absolutely wrong. Signs of head lice are mostly common in girls, aging from 3 to 12 years because of their long hairs.

Signs of head lice include itching as the first and most common one. If the infestation is spread too much, then the affected person may even sense their crawling and tickling feeling. Head louse is even though a tiny bug but you can clearly see it crawling; moreover, you can also see its eggs which are attached to the hair shaft on human head. Too much itching of these bugs causes small blood spots, sores, swollen spots and even dark crumbs on human head.

Signs of head lice can be diagnosed by performing a vigilant inspection on the scalp and hair of the infected person. Even the presence of a living lice crawling on one’s head is included in the signs of head lice. An anti lice comb is very effective to get rid of these bugs and their nits or eggs. This comb is fairly effective for girls who have thick and long hairs.

As soon as you have realized that your child is showing signs of head lice, you must consider below listed tips:

– Visit a doctor or specialist for this type of treatment immediately when you notice the signs on your child’s head.
– Keep your infested child from scratching or rubbing her head, trim her nails if possible. If the itching is severe and your child couldn’t stop scratching, then have her use gloves or mittens.
– Most desperate parents do this mistake of shaving the hair of their children. Try to avoid doing such act.
– When you ever see signs of head lice on your child, have him/her be treated from a specialist. Never ever use your own treatments like using bleach, kerosene, etc. You must also keep away from using such pesticides that are meant for animals and not humans.

Realizing the signs of head lice is a good thing but treating it early is the best cure.

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