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What Color are Lice Eggs?

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What Color are Lice Eggs?

The proper and commonly used term for lice eggs is ‘nits’. There is one big problem with nits. The problem is that even after young lice hatch, they (nits) remain attached for a long time. When I say ‘long time’ then I mean weeks or even months.

They are firmly attached to the hair shaft as though some sort of powerful glue or cement was used by female lice to attach them.

You have to remove the nits manually. Or, after your hair grows, the empty shells will move away from the scalp. So, after you get a haircut, they will be gone.

Now, it takes nits 7 to 10 days to hatch.

How can you tell if the nits attached to your hair are empty or live?

Well, this is where you will have to see the color of nits to determine if they are dead or alive.

  • Empty or dead nit shells are White.
  • Live nits have darker color.

So, this is how you can distinguish and tell the difference between an empty nit shell and live nit.

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