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Where Do Lice Come from?

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Where do lice come from? This is how people think lice are born:

“Hey! If you stay dirty and don’t wash your hair, then you will get head lice. They are born if your hair is dirty.”

They think that lice don’t come from other places, but are directly born, somehow, on your scalp. This perception is wrong.

Head lice are parasitic insects and they move from one host to another. They do lay eggs, but you must first get a female louse in your hair.

Since lice don’t have wings, they are unable to fly. They can’t jump either. The only way for them to move is ‘crawl’. So, they crawl from one person to another, lay eggs and cause more lice to come into existence.

They don’t live for long (just 30 days max), but they do multiply in numbers at an amazingly fast speed. A female louse is capable of laying around 100 eggs in a month. Thus, if you have a few female adult lice in your hair, then you should expect a few hundred head lice running around in your hair by the end of the month.

They are mainly found in kids, because kids tend to touch each other with head. This allows head lice to make a move and find a new residence. Other ways through which head lice manage to find new hosts are: Common Brushes and Combs, Common Clothing, Common Pillows, Common Towels, etc.

I hope that I’ve answered your question and you now know where do lice come from.

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  1. Mike Murphy says:

    You still haven’t answered the question of where do lice come from. I understand they are contagious, but where/how do they originate?

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