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Where Does Head lice originate From – How Your Girl Gets It

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Before we begin our little talk on the question of the day where does head lice originate from, we first understand what they actually are.

Head louse is a kind of insect which is completely evolved and lives on the hair shafts of human scalp. The scientific term that is given to these insects is Pediculus Humancus. The main reason why they are called head lice is because they infest only the head’s hair of human. Other than head louse there are two more kind commonly found in humans, that is, Body louse and pubic louse. People who think that these bugs jump from head to head are completely wrong because they cannot. Why? Well, the reason is that they don’t have any wings to fly from person to person. However, they run exceptionally fast and spread usually from direct contact with infested head.

So let us get back to the question, where does head lice originate from? Head louse is a kind of a prehistoric bug that evolved as other species. The developed from primate hair to now human hair nearly about more than 3 million years ago and they have been with humans ever since then. The very oldest case of head lice infestation dates back about 10,000 years ago. A louse was found on the hair shaft of a quite long buried mummy’s head in the north eastern part of Brazil.

Now you know the answer of where does head lice originate from, so what remains is that how you get it? At present, getting head lice from chimpanzees is not possible unless you live with a chimpanzee pet. However, you can get this infuriating infestation from sharing brushes, combs, hats, cloths and bed with the infested person. According to a study, Caucasian children are more prone to get head lice infestation the most. The most peak season of this type of infestation begins on the start of school years. The people who are mostly troubled with this kind of problem are children; however, adults are quite rarely annoyed with head louse infestation.

Where does head lice originate from doesn’t mean anything once your child is infected, therefore, it is more crucial for you to know how you can avoid lice problem. Apart from direct head contact, there are few other ways your child may get these lice from:

– Sharing hair bands, hair brushes and combs with others
– Sharing clothing
– Sharing stuffs like pillows, couches and beds.

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